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This week, the Mayor of London published "Human Streets, The Mayor’s Vision for Cycling, three years on". The paper can be found here.  it summarises the steps that the Mayor has taken to improve safety for cyclists in London, in particular the establsihment of the cycling superhighways.






















We were involved in real estate industry support for the creation of cycling superhighways. To see our blog from the time as to why we supported the creation of cycling superhighways click here..  This considered both the contribution to placemaking of a more human environment, and the obligation of the industry to mitigate its contribution to the danger.

Making our roads safe for cyclists

Why the real estate industry has a special responsibility

25th March 2016


We believe that the real estate industry has a particular responsibility to support initiatives to make the streets safe for cyclists. Construction industry HGVs cause a hugely disproportionate number of cycling deaths, more than any other type of road vehicle in London. In some years, more than 50% of cycling fatalities in London have been caused by construction HGVs.


An important element of this is to build streets that are safer and encourage more people to cycle.  It is for this reason that we have been strong supporters of the Mayor's initiatives.  We also support the British Cycling #Choosecycling campaign. For details click here.


The other important element is to reduce the danger of the HGVs themselves.  We also support initiatives to improve construction HGVs to make our roads safer for cyclists and other vulnerable road users,  A lot of progress is being made in this area too, and we are now starting to see the first safe tipper trucks on the road.